How To Polish Your Car Using Car Buffer Machine?


We all love our cars, and they are way above than just being mere commuters for us. They are undoubtedly a greater part of our lives, while we love keeping them sparkling clean and as bright as new, forever. The outermost layer of your car’s paint is vital and certainly is imperative to maintain it, to make your car look vibrant and blush in its color, year after year.

No matter how hard we believe that maintaining a car is a crucial part, and it is required for keeping the look of the car apt and quite in place. But the question that arises is: how do you do that?

Today on this very blog, we are going to emphasize the need of using a Car Buffer machine and the abundant benefits it offers. As you all would indeed agree that hands cannot match up the pace of a working machine, owing to its efficiency, time management, and results. The finish that a Buffer machine would create is simply stunning and indeed matchless.

There are many advantages of using a reliable and pertinent car Buffer machine, as it runs over the car’s body multiple times, with incredible speed, making sure every inch is cleaned well and buffed numerous times, offering a look that is way too striking and flawless to be precise.

Why to Choose a Car Buffer machine?


As long as you are choosing a buffing machine to make your car shine like a new one, you are undoubtedly going to get a clean and breathtakingly bright car, all your life, or at least until the time you wish so. There are many reasons using a best Car buffer machine, while some of them can be listed as:

1. Amazing Rotator Buffs

These kinds of rotations would buff your car’s surface just like the professionals do. The spinners of these buffs work at high speed offering some brilliant shine and vibrancy to the car’s paint while cleaning all of the dust for sure. This works spotlessly, without harming the exterior paint of the car.

2. You can choose the Speed Limit and the Rotations

You get to handle the speed of the buffing machine, while the rotations would indeed depend on upon the speed and of course, the place you plan to buff and clean. So, it is all in your hands and depends on upon the way you would like to operate the machine to achieve the desired results.

3. Extremely Safe and Easy

You can handle the buffing machine with ease and no effort at all. This is your very own car polisher that offers hard to believe value, no extra costs and flawless results that can be flaunted each time you hit the road!

How to Use a Car Buffer Machine?


Like most of the machines, you must be thorough with the use of a car buffing machine as it can also cause some serious harm to your car if used inappropriately. Therefore, you must go through the points given below to make sure you learn the precise techniques that would all help you to a great extent.

1. Practice before You Start

Now we understand that you must be excited to show some skills at making your car look all the more fine and bright with this new machine. But hold on, relax and practice before you start buffing your car. We high recommend you to practice a bit on some scrap so that you may pick the exact way and the technique to use this excellent machine. It works great to protect the paint and make it look as good as new, but the heavy machine can also damage the surface if used in an improper way.

2. Make Sure the Lights are All ON

Start using the machine to clean your car in an open area or an under adequate lights. This would allow you to walk over every inch of those scratches and paint defects properly.

3. Wash… Wash… Wash!

Get rid of the dirt, dust and the grime over the car’s outer layer. If the buffing pad in the machine catches dirt, it could be damaged, so you need to be careful here.

4. Apply the Polish

After the surface of the car is all dry, start by applying a small amount of polish on the buffing pad.

5. Connect the Pad to the Machine

Ensure to spread the polish over the pad’s surface, while you connect it over to the machine. Now you may begin by using the machine in circular and consecutive rotations.

6. Always Maintain a Low Speed to Begin With

Start on a lighter note. Once you are confident enough, and you get a hand over the machine, you might as well opt for a higher speed of the buffing machine. Make sure you start by working on smaller subsections and this way cover the whole car.

7. Rope in a Clean and Fresh Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Once the polish begins to start drying up, you can opt for the cloth cleaning option; this would instantly set the polish over the paint, giving a clean and brilliant look of the car’s exterior paint.


Now that you have already understood the impact and the reception of using a car buffing machine, there is no scope of a doubt left. You can simply opt for this machine to maintain a glowing and vibrant look on your car’s exteriors that would make you smile with pride, while your car would indeed thank you for it! Subscribe to our blog for upcoming posts if you found this information interesting, interactive and informative.

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