List Of Essential Tools For The Garden You Must Have


Gardening is defined as an act of growing as well as cultivating the plants as a major part of the horticulture. The range of gardening starts right from beautiful fruit orchids, boulevard plantings to the residential yards that involve lawns and foundation plantings, which can be grown either inside or outside.

A gardening tool is defined as one of the tools that are specially made for the gardener to successfully complete his act of gardening. A gardening tool usually overlaps with the other tools that are being made for agriculture and horticulture. Among all the tools that are being used in gardening, kukri is amongst the important tools for the garden and it is quite hard to find the best kukri. The gardening tools are differentiated as hand tools and power tools.

Basic Hand Tools for Making Your Gardening Experience a Perfect One

The hand tools that are still being used by the gardeners majorly were originated during the times of agricultural implements, which were being used by the humans. Some of the majorly used hand tools are as mentioned below:

1. Kukri

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Kukri is a Nepalese based knife, which is inwardly curved; hence, used both as a gardening tool and a weapon in Nepal. During old times, it was considered to be the utility knife for the people of Nepal. For a gardener, it is quite difficult to choose the best kukri in order to yield best results in his garden.

The handles of the tool are being made from either using a buffalo horn or a hardwood. In the latest kukri tools that are being manufactured, the handles of the tool come with either cast of aluminum or the element brass.

2. Spade


Spade is that gardening tool, which is being used for digging the ground. The tool has comparatively narrow and less curvy blades than shovel. As the tool is blessed with a metal tip, it works in breaking and moving the earth in many situations and with increased efficiency.

3. Sickle

A sickle, which is also known as bagging hook is one of the agricultural tools that is being designed in such a manner that is has curved blades. The sickle is being used in harvesting, reaping and cutting the forage, which is either dry or hay and is used for feeding the livestock.

4. Shovel

The shovel is amongst the gardening tools that are being used for many purposes like, digging, lifting and to move bulk materials from one place to another. These bulk materials include soil, coal, sand and many other such materials.

Shovels comprise of a broad blade, which is fixed to medium length. The blades are manufactured from the hard plastics, which are very strong in nature. Also, there are different kinds of shovel that are used as per the needs of the gardener.

5. Rake

Rake is amongst the tools, which is being used to pick up the leaves and the garden trash. It is also being used to get rid of the debris that is present in the plants without causing any harm to the roots or the crowns.

Power Tools You May Invest for Gardening


The very first kind of power tool, which became quite famous because of its extraordinary skills, was the lawn mower. Other effective and widely used power tools are:

1. Cultivators

A cultivator is one of the tools that are being used for doing secondary tillage. They are used for stirring and pulverizing the soil. They come in tooth type surface, which is very useful for controlling the weed. Also, when cultivating is done by making use of the cultivators it consumes much less power than it does with a chisel, and consequently it end up giving better results.

2. String Trimmer

A string trimmer, which is also commonly known as a weed eater is defined as a tool that makes use of flexible line in place of a blade to cut the grass in an even order. The tool comprises a cutting head, which is present at the end of the long shaft with handles or the shoulder strap.

3. Irrigation Sprinklers

As the name says, irrigation sprinklers are the sprinklers that are used to render irrigation to agriculture, crops and other such vegetation in order to control the airborne dust around the crops, which is harmful to them. The irrigation sprinklers are widely used in sandy areas as it can have a check on the wastage of the water through evaporation.

This method of sprinkling water is quite similar to natural rainfall. The irrigation sprinklers are differentiated into four different parts as per the use of them in antithetic areas: industrial, residential, underground sprinkler and agricultural.

4. Trenchers

Trencher is one of the machine equipment, which is usually used to dig trenches to lay the pipes underground or to install the drainage. Trenchers come in different sizes, and they also make use of different implements for digging. The type of trenches that is required is based on the width and the depth of the trench and also the hardness of the surface that is going to get cut to install the drainage system underground.


The tools for the garden are quite important, and they play a vital role in the process of gardening. A gardener needs to pick up the best tools to yield the best results for his garden. In the above blog, we have mentioned about many of the hand tools as well as the power tools that are being used for gardening. Amongst the very tools, Kukri is one of the major tools.

We hope that the above provided information was beneficial to you and it would surely help you yield the amazing results for your garden. Offer a feedback and write your views by posting your comments in the section below. For more information on gardening tips and tools, and plantation ideas, please subscribe to blog.

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