The Sump Pump Backup System

Is your sump pump still reliable?

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A sump pump is one of the most significant and extremely disregarded adversity prevention tools in every home. When this simple routine nosedives, the consequences can be terrible, resulting to thousands of dollars in repair costs, daily disturbances initiated by major restoration work and higher insurance payments for many years. Ideally, investing time and effort on preventing sump pump death or malfunction makes a lot of logic.

Some homeowners have a backup sump pump ready just in case their pump crashes. Nonetheless, securing a spare nearby won't aid you if you're on retreat during a power. The great thing about sump pump backup systems is that whatever the cause for the pump failure, your backup system will protect the home.

Why do our primary sump pumps stop working?

The most usual cause for pump fiasco is a power failure or outages, and is commonly not a problem within the pump system itself. Collective events aside from power outages can also interrupt the supply of electricity which the pump relies on.

Supposing that the power stays on, there are times that the pump itself experiences breakdown and failure. Many cheap sump pumps in the market are probably too undersized to control the water inflow from a major rain, flood, or rapid melting of snow at springtime. A lot of times, since inexpensive sump pumps are built with less hard-wearing materials, they lose thrusting effectiveness. The sump pump kick starts more often than necessary and breaks down earlier than expected.

There are a lot of reasons why your main sump pump won’t work. Regardless of the reason, a non-working pump can lead to serious water damage. Here's how to avoid getting these problems by choosing the proper type of backup system for your sump pump. We also have a guide for buying the perfect sump pump here.

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Types of backup systems

Battery-powered backup systems

A battery-powered sump pump backup system usually contains a battery, a battery-powered sump pump engine, an electric mount and supplementary piping. Other models and makes may have additional parts depending on their promised features, so be sure to canvass first before buying.

Exactly how long a battery backup system can keep your basement waterless totally relies on how much water is entering your sump pit, which decides how frequently the pump will go. However, if you have serious water problems such that the sump pump needs to turn on every minute or so, the smaller type of battery will last only a couple of hours. That's barely enough battery capability to get you through a prolonged power outage. If that is the scenario, you should purchase a system which includes a larger battery, or a backup system with a mount big enough to keep two or more batteries fully charged.

Water-powered sump pump backup

A water-powered backup pump system utilizes water pressure to pull water out of your sump pit. Most of these sump pump models use a gallon of clean water for every 2 gallons of ground water that they transport. For a pump that's efficient enough in removing 3,000 GPH will most likely use 1,500 GPH of clean tap water. That is resulting to a lot of water waste, especially when water conservation is a global issue. Due to this, some local governments forbid their use due to previously severe water scarcities. Also keep in mind that water-powered backup pumps require a separate discharge line and a good type of back flow hindrance to prevent contaminating our potable water systems. You have to check with your local regulations before installing this type of backup.

Diesel or gasoline-fueled generator backup system

Whenever power outages occur, a generator that uses diesel or gasoline usually pays for itself in a lot of ways. One of those ways is by powering a backup sump pump in times of emergencies. A characteristic sump pump often consumes about 9 amps of electricity, so it won't add much workload to the generator, or consume too much fuel than needed. However, a generator isn't a flawless alternative for a reserve system. A battery- or water-powered scheme kicks in spontaneously, regardless if you're at home or not, and no matter what causes the sump pump failure. A movable generator functions only if you're in the basement to connect it.

Here are some great models of sump pump backup systems from href="" rel="nofollow">Liberty Pumps and Amazon.

Knowing the correct type of backup system can help you prevent future flooding problems. Keep this article handy once you decide on securing a backup system. Alternatively, caring for your sump pump is a good idea too, so your pump would last even longer.
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