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There are many perks of having your own pool at home, especially when it the hot summer season takes over and you just want to take a dip into a cold pool to cool off with friends and family. A lot of people think that owning and maintaining a pool is very complicated and hard, but it's not. Keeping things simple is still the best and most effective way to maintain your pool in tip top shape, and can save you a lot of money from hiring professionals to do it for you. We've kept the basics in a list for homeowners who would like to try to DIY their pool maintenance.

Tips in Proper Pool Maintenance
Have a Pool Cover

A pool cover or pool net is the best way to keep your pool clean from dust, leaves and bugs that occasionally fall into the clear water when not in use. Instead of continuously skimming and fishing for those pesky debris and unwanted floating items, this will surely save you the effort, especially when you leave home for a few days. You can always invest in a sturdy cover, and it will serve you well for a long time.

Have A Debris Skimmer on Hand

Have A Debris Skimmer on Hand

Fallen leaves, debris, stray animal hair and dead bugs floating in your pool can turn off any person or guest who can see it. While this can be prevented using a pool cover or net can be a good thing, but you can't cover your pool all the time, and a skimmer can be handy in this situation. It only takes a few minutes to use the pool skimmer and it helps keep your pool clean and nice to swim in. Dispose of your trash and debris properly so it doesn't get back into the water.

Take Care of Your Pool Filters

The pool always have filters installed, and cleaning it up depends on how often the swimming pool is used. Too much cleaning decreases the efficiency of the filter, so you may not want to overdo it. If you see an increased flow between the flow meter and the pressure gauge, your filter is ready to be cleaned up.

Make Use of a Vacuum

Make Use of a Vacuum

Having a vacuum for the pool can keep your water clean and sanitary, and helps balance and regulate the chemicals you put in it. It's as easy as vacuuming your own carpet inside the house. All you have to do is check the filters after each use and keep the filters clean.

Scrub And Brush 

Regular scrubbing of the pool tiles and walls is a good idea, and can keep the scum and slime from building up. This also prevents calcium, molds, fungi, and algae from messing up with your tiles.

Test pH and Chemical Levels

Many environmental factors have an effect on the pool water. Natural elements such as rain, extreme hot or cold temperatures, and any type of growth can affect the water. To keep it sanitary and safe for human use, regularly checking and testing your pool is essential and important. Twice a week, pH (Alkalinity or Acidity Test) and chlorine levels should be tested. Water hardness measured in calcium levels should be checked twice for each season to ensure they are maintained within safe limits. Doing these can help protect you and your friends and family, as well as keeping your pool in great shape.

Keeping Pool Chemicals Balanced

Simple Pool Maintenance

If you find that some chemicals are low or if the acidity levels are increasing during testing, you may need to add a few chemicals into your pool water. The most common and essential pool chemicals such as chlorine, algaecide, and shocking chemicals are readily available in the market and they come in various forms such as tablets, suspensions, and granules.

Some of the available chlorine products already have built-in shocking, so you may want to check the label or ask your local supplier. Proper handling of chemicals is also very important, and make sure to follow environmental codes when disposing of these chemicals and their containers.

Maintain Adequate Water Levels

Water, like all liquids, evaporate and decrease with time and use. A garden hose is usually efficient and adequate to keep the levels safe to prevent damage to your pool.

Follow these simple tips and you'll see a good and well-maintained pool for your home.

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