Safety Tips For Using The Band Saw Effectively


Cutting the metals and wood is always laborious and back-breaking. It can cause injuries or disturb your whole work pattern. In late 18th century, the need for building infrastructure was growing on a tremendous scale. The band saw machines were introduced to make cutting the material an ease and with a great speed and accuracy. The band saw consists of a metal band filled with the sharp edge teeth rotating on the opposing side wheels to move with a strong force and cut down any material. They compose a plethora of kinds. They can be manual or automatic, gravity feeder or hydraulic feeder, etc.

Although the band saw is being produced based on the advanced technology, we cannot avoid the risk of injuries during the process of operating machine. We need to use and handle the saw very safely. These are mainly used in the commercial jobs but when using at home, you need to pay your all attention towards the saw. The band saw has a sharp band type blade in a protective covering layer which revolves at a great speed to cut down the material.

The worker should remain alerted all the time while working on the saw. Several types of material like metals, wood or meat can be cut by this saw. The working position, the surrounding environment, and the band are the factors which may lead the unexpected accidents for operators. It can destroy the band saw or give the ridiculous injuries to the user. Thus, you need to keep these tips in your mind before starting -

Use the safety equipment

We need to wear the appropriate protective uniform before working with this menace. Although the trained carpenters working in the woodshops do not wear them regularly, they know how to use the blade rightly. When you are going to use it at your home, you are an entry level worker. Therefore, you need to think about the protection first. A band saw can injure you very deeply. Here are some protective coverings listed.

Helmet – It is the hard cover shell to protect your skull. Accidentally, if any wood piece getting bounced from the platform hit with your head, you need to wear a helmet that covers your whole skull. The helmet needs to be lightweight and hard enough for ensuring the comfort as well as highest safety for carpenters.

Glasses – You need to wear the protective glasses to protect from the debris generated from cutting the material. The suspended particles in the air can enter your eyes.

Headphones – You should get the industry level headphones to protect your ear from the noise pollution caused by the saw. It can distract your mind from your work and any accident can take place. They will also keep the air suspended particles away from your ear.

Loose wearing – You should remove all the loose clothing like the tie, rings, pendants etc. You are suggested tying your long hair before getting to work. Always wear the tight clothes which stay with your body.

The accessories needed when using the band saw

safe using band saw

Create a fence – You need to build a fence for your machine or you can buy it from the market too. The fence has a very important role in holding the wood or metal piece in its place. The material will not slip out from its path and you will get an extreme accuracy with your piece. Moreover, you can create a very simple fence at your home too. However, this task seems to quite challenging as it requires some complex techniques. It is better for the operator to purchase this device with the band saw from the first day.

Push stick – You need to feed the saw with exerting a pressure on the wood piece to cut it into two pieces. You should never use your hands directly to push the wood. As you can cut down your finger too with the wood block. Push stick or push block will help you exerting the required pressure on the material. It is a wooden or plastic stick that has a flat edge made in the front to push the material.

It comes to use while working on the small pieces. In the case of any accident, the push stick will be harmed instead of your fingers. You can make a stick for you from a wood piece or can buy it from the market.

Cool Blocks – You can get the cool blocks in your band saw from the manufacturer too. In the older band saws, the iron guide blocks were used to hold the blade. You can change them with the cool blocks made of graphite. It reduces the friction and noise produced by the blade and enhances the durability and speed of the blade.

Saw blade – The blade used in the band saw should be sharp. The damaged blade will put more pressure on the machine to cut the piece. It strengthens the chances of any accident to take place. As a consequence, you need to replace the blade or make its teeth sharp.

The next thing is to keep the blade cool. While working on the hard subjects such as hardwood or metals, you need to use a coolant (water) along with the blade. It will limit the friction and absorb the heat produced and ultimately prevent any damage to the band saw.

You should choose the blade based on your need and the material you are going to deal with. If you use the wrong combination, it can cause a serious damage to the machine. You can find the several types of the blades in the market including precision blade, buttress blade or claw tooth blade.

Essential Technique with the band Saw

You need to expert some techniques and band saw safety rules. US government has established some rules to work with the band saw in which the operators are required to pass the test before getting a license on working with these hazardous tools to ensuring the significant safety level.

Keep your hands and fingers away from the blade and other moving parts of the band saw. Use the push stick on the light and small material and push the heavy pieces with your hands not putting your whole weight on the material.

  • Never start with the small pieces first. You should get trained on the larger stocks first. The small pieces should be held with the push sticks rather than fingers.
  • Wear tight firm clothing. You should roll your sleeves up to elbows. Do not wear any bracelet or ring as well as the tie, gloves or any other loose materials.
  • Set up the adequate light system before starting the work. Never operate the band saw in the dark conditions or low light area.
  • Keep the surrounding around the band saw clean. There should be no watery or greasy flooring. It can result in a dangerous accident.
  • While changing the blade or doing any other adjustment to the band saw, you should plug out the power cord.
  • Always ensure the blade tension and alignment before turning the saw on. The improper alignment can destroy the blade and guide blocks.
  • Make sure that the protective covering doors are always closed before starting the saw. The open doors will leave the running blade open and the debris will get suspended high in the air.
  • Should you not put your hand or fingers near to the saw blade? Keep your full attention on your fingertips while working with the band saw.
  • Never clean the saw surface while it is turned on. Always use the brush to clean the small pieces from the saw table.
  • Apply lubricant to the moving parts of the saw for reducing the breakage risk frequently. It should be done more frequent if used on the heavy load.
  • Never push the stock with more force than the blade needs to operate as it can harm the blade teeth.
  • Ignore the band blade which has missing teeth. It will produce more friction and will put more pressure on the saw frame.
  • You should not use the same blade for a longer When using on the full load, please change the blade to let it cool down and then can use the same blade after some time. Use two or more blades in a cycle to increase the efficiency.
  • If the blade breaks in the middle of the operation, you should immediately stop the saw and stay away from it until the saw stops down completely.

Apply these band saw safety rules and always be in a strict mood while heading to your work.

The Bottom

The band saw is thought to promote efficiency and speed of cutting with the various types of the material. However, one should be careful while working with the saw as it can cause very serious injuries to the worker. Never try to show off while working on the beasts. Besides, remember to wear your all protective equipment before starting the tearing off work to guarantee your safety all the time.

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