Prolonging The Life Of Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are great tools that can be used to prevent water damage from taking over our homes in cases of heavy rains or flooding. These tools, when taken care of and maintained properly, can last for a decade, and even more. Doing this is very easy, and maintenance should be done regularly with careful consideration with the instructions written in the product manual.

Even if your pump is not regularly used for a few months, it is still very important to have a routine inspection and upkeep so that when time comes that you need to use it, problems won’t be encountered.

Proper and good sump pump care is necessary to lengthening the life of your valuable pumps. Never leave it running continuously without bothering to look for potential causes of problems or issues can lead to costly repairs or the death of your sump pump. Listed below are the things every sump pump owner must do in order to ensure a healthy and excellent performing sump pump for emergencies.

Monthly Activities for Your Sump Pump Maintenance:

  • Take out the pump from the sump pit and remove the small stones, gravel or debris that might have gotten stuck in your pump’s screen or inlet pipe. After putting it back, test the pump’s inlet for patency or presence of obstructions by running it with clear and clean tap water poured into the sump pit.
  • Remove debris, small stones, and free floating objects that may dislodge or jam your automatic float switch. Replacing the float switch once jammed or broken can be costly, but is easily prevented.
  • Regularly inspect the electric outlets and power sources for breaks or unsecured, so short circuits and fires can be averted. This will ensure safety not only for your sump pump, but for your household as well.

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Quarterly Activities for Your Sump Pump Maintenance:

  • Pour clean water into the sump pit to automatically turn the sump pump on. Check if the automatic float switch rises with the water and if it turns on at its minimum required water level.
  • Inspect all wirings and electrical power cords for any exposed and torn wires. Replace them if necessary to eliminate fire hazards that may damage your home while you sleep on an emergency.
  • Take a look at the whole system of pipes. Look for any loose or unsecured connections in the pipes and tighten with just the right amount of pressure, not too tight.
  • While looking at the pipes, also check for those with leaks, breaks, cracks or obstructions and do necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Ensure that all power supply sources are working well and not tripping. Generators should be checked for fuel and batteries should be charged once below 40%. Having no fuel or battery charge during an emergency can lead to very serious problems that can cost you a lot of money for repairs.
  • Most sump pump systems have air holes or weep holes that prevent pressure buildup in the system. Make sure that this is not clogged with dirt or debris, and clean out or remove buildup that may restrict or block the weep hole.
  • For submersible sump pumps, the bottom grate of the pumps should be freed of small stones and debris that are lodged during use.
Annual Activities for Your Sump Pump Maintenance:

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  • Take out the pump from the sump pit and inspect the bearings or motor for need to lubricate or apply oil. Note that some sump pumps are already permanently oiled and should not be opened. Check with the manual for your model first if there is a need to do this.
  • Rusted and corroded machine parts should be replaced if possible.
  • During use, the vibrations in the sump pit can cause it to lean or tilt to the sides of the pit.

    Pick the pump up and restore it into its natural upright position and secure it so that it won’t tilt or lean again. If it keeps tilting, the automatic float switch might become jammed or the pump’s performance may be greatly diminished.

  • Always check the product manual for the model’s specific care instructions, as some sump pump models have unique needs.

Don’t delay doing these very important tasks we listed above. These are easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

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