Preventing And Troubleshooting Sump Pump Problems

sump pump problems

Flooded Basement Due To Pump Failure -

Prevention and Troubleshooting Tips for the Most Frequent Sump Pump Problems

As with all kinds of machinery, heavy use and continuous function can cause its parts and components to go haywire. They are inevitable, and can occur at times when you need your pump to go smoothly.

You need not worry, as we’ve asked experts to shed light on our troubles. Arm yourself for battle with these tricks on how to prevent mishaps and handle common setbacks associated with sump pump operations. These simple solutions can save you from the expense and trouble of obtaining a new sump pump.

Prevent Setup-related Troubles

Sump pump doesn’t work as expected during the very first run? Your pump may not be installed correctly. Review the supplied product manual for setting up instructions, and find where you missed a step. Otherwise hire a professional to do the job for you if you are not so handy with tools and equipment.

Avoid Difficulties That Come From Neglect

Lack of care for our pumps can cause problems in the long run. These include sudden breakdowns, motor overload, and corrosion of vital machine parts. Remember to always do periodic check-ups and care for your sump pumps to lengthen their life span and keep them running optimally.

Dodge Float Switch-related Issues

One of the most important parts of each sump pump is the automatic float switch that kick starts the pump into removing that much unneeded water from your basement. Getting a stuck switch is the most common problem that pump owners encounter. Avoid this by making sure that the switch can move freely. Adjust the location of the pump body within the pit so the switch is not impeded from moving.

Minimize and Eliminate Blockages

Over time, the sump pit collects small stones, cement fragments, dirt, silt and gravel. These debris can lodge anywhere in the pump system and cause obstructions in water flow. That aside, they can also dislodge the automatic float switch or prevent it from moving freely. Regularly clean out your sump pit to prevent this.

Power Supply Outage

The storms and rains that cause flooding and water collection in our basements also cause periodic black outs and cut off electrical source. Be sure to have your back-up sump pump ready to run, or at least have it already installed in the pit so you have no worries in case your main pump doesn’t start.

When There Is Just Too Much Water

You have to keep in mind that the sump pump’s specifications should match the needs of your home and the amount of water that goes in it. If they don’t match, then flooding should be well expected. Fix this problem by choosing the right horsepower, as well as investing in a secondary pump to lessen the workload of your main pump.

Water Flows Back Into the System

If you notice that the pump is running but there is little to no discharge from the end pipe, then there may be a backflow problem occurring somewhere in the system. This can pose a great risk as backflows can cause the impeller to reverse spin and pivot itself from the motor tube. If this happens, have a check valve installed so water only runs in one direction towards the discharge.

Air Lock

The pump system needs a constant feed of air to prevent pressure buildup. Negative pressure within the lines can result in air lock, where water is being vacuumed and prevented from leaving the pipes. To resolve this, drill a weep hole in the discharge pipe.

Jammed and Frozen Pipes

Oftentimes when left unchecked, small stones or debris get sucked by the pump and get lodged somewhere in the pipes. Turn the pump off and find out where the obstruction is and clear it.

For winter seasons when the water in the outside pipes freeze, have a warmer ready and insulate the pipes to prevent blocks of ice from closing the pipe.

Old Age  

Your trusted sump pump has served you for years, overcoming many obstacles and problems. However if it has been in service for a decade or more, you may want to consider getting a replacement sump pump.

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