List Of Tools Needed To Change Oil in Car

List Of Tools Needed To Change Oil In Car

There was a time, not so long ago, when the answer for this topic would have been hardly eight words long; ratchet, socket box, and oil filter wrench, that’s it, all done. But these days, a common home mechanic needs highly specialized tools for making a simple oil change. But in reality, it is essential and not that bad as it sounds. It is just that different cars require different tools.

There are several tools needed to change the oil in the car. Some of them are needed for every car while some specialty tools are needed only for certain cars. This guide will give a detailed description of both the common tools and not-so-common tools.

Some Basics about DIY Oil Change for Cars

DIY Oil Change for Cars

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One of the most critical maintenance chores for cars is changing oil regularly. Changing oil by you is not a brain surgery. With the dealers and mechanics charging huge amount of money, it is time to get under your car and save big bucks. By changing oil regularly, you can easily extend the life of your car by thousands of miles. The basic oil-changing steps, just for you.

  • Get under your car and pull the oil plug by using a wrench.
  • Remove the oil filter by using an oil filter wrench. Different types of oil filter wrench work best for different cars. Identify the one which best suits your car.
  • Add fresh oil using a funnel by opening your car’s hood and replace the cap.
  • Recycle the old oil by taking to a nearby recycling station. Almost all gas stations accept used engine motor oil for free or for a nominal amount. It is to be noted that engine oil is toxic and has the power to contaminate 1,000,000 gallons of water. Hence, it is highly recommended to recycle it and use it again. If you do throw it in your trash, be prepared to pay a hefty fine or go to prison, as it is a crime in the US, to discard engine oil carelessly.

If you do all the steps right (leaving the last one), you are sure to replace the engine oil on your own in just 20 minutes. Let us have a detailed look into the tools needed to change the oil in the car.

Standard Tools

1. Ratchet


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The ratchet is the basic tool, which comes in handy, as a first step when you have gotten under your car to change the oil. The oil plug can be easily loosened and tightened by using a ratchet, as it gives good leverage. Instead of a ratchet, a basic wrench can also be used for removing the oil plug.

2. Filter Wrench

Lisle 53500 Satndard Swivel Grip Oil Filter Wrench


The oil filter wrench is available in 2 types – strap type wrench, and cap type oil filter wrench.

  • Strap type wrench – This is one of the easiest and most versatile tools which is a must-have for a backyard mechanic. With an adjustable rubber strap and a strong handle, it is extremely easy to pull out the oil filter by using this wrench. Tighten the strap tightly before applying pressure on the handle to turn the oil filter.
  • Cap type wrench – Removing oil filter and changing it is a piece of cake when you use a cap type wrench. The two-step grooved wrench fits a wide range of filters.

3. Socket Box

Socket Box

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A socket box has several basic and precise tools and wrenches which can be used as needed to plug in or plug out the engine oil cap. Different sized socket wrenches can be according to the different sized fasteners.

4. Funnel


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If you are an expert in pouring the engine oil smoothly without spilling, then funnel is an optional tool for you. Using a funnel, you can easily lift and pour the oil from the oil can with ease.

Advanced Tools

1. Torx Bit Socket


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The Torx Bit is a type of bit that has been fixed on a socket. A complete set of varied specifications of Torx bits comprises a Torx bit socket box. This socket box is inevitable for changing the oil in German made cars.

2. Lift Oil Drain Can

ARKSEN© 20 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank Air Operated, Red

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This device can help you collect all the used oil without leaving any trace that you have worked on an oil change. The oil lift drain can consist of a funnel-shaped pan connected by an adjustable cord, which links to a cylinder. Place the oil pan right beneath the oil plug of your car. Use a socket wrench to loosen the oil plug. Once the plug is loosened, quickly remove the knob and let the oil pan catch all the used oil.

3. Gloves


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Engine oil would be hot and are dangerous to handle with bare hands. For an experienced mechanic, it might be an easy task. But if you are doing it yourself for the first time, then it is highly recommended to wear gloves.

4. Oil Filter Socket

ABN 7 Piece Oil Cartridge Filter Socket Set

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Some advanced car models from Ford and General Motors have a sealed oil filter unit. You will require a specialized socket box to open the oil filter for such vehicles.

5. Oil Pump

Melling M81A Replacement Oil Pump

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This pump has a tube which is inserted into the dipstick tube and slowly pumps out all the oil out of the oil pan. It is a time-consuming process to remove oil in this way, but it has got two main advantages.

  • You need not go under the car.
  • There are no chances for the oil plug to be damaged by wrenching action.


We hope that the above list of tools needed to change the oil in the car would have given an insight into the name of tools and how to use them. You can now easily choose the tools which you need, according to the interior structure and requirement of your car.

Leave your comments below for feedbacks, tools which you used, your oil changing experiences and tips and tricks. To get more information on car problems, accessories, tools, lubricants and best synthetic oil, subscribe for posts and receive latest automobile updates.

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