How To Install A Sump Pump?

Ignoring water-clogging problems is the worst mistake ever. If you think the water is going to evaporate by itself, then you are mistaken. You ought to use the right set of tools to get rid of water problems in your basement. If you overlook it, chances of serious damages are high, it might start slow but develops over the course of time and the end result is mending too many losses. Rather, get a sump pump, it is the single helpful tool to treat such problems, pump out unwanted water and all you have to do is install the sump pump, the rest, you don’t have to worry as the sump pump does the needful.

install sump pump

Understand the Problem

What you must understand is that the water problems in your basement are not of the same kind. In fact, the problem might lead to different kinds of damages as well. Therefore, before going in for installation, get a run through check on the problem, look around the area, check the drainage system, gutters and a little bit inspection on the foundation, all these factors are very helpful in bringing in proper installation of the sump pump. In case, you overlook them, you are settling in for a bigger risk, therefore, to avoid problems in the future, make sure you do the right thing.

Good Location for Sump Pump

Whether you install the sump pump on your own or hire a company to do so, having the right spot to place the sump pump is vital. You have to set the sump very close to the basement wall. The fact that the pump will discharge water, it has to be placed near the exit so that the discharge can move through the space easily and travel out faster.

In addition to this, make sure you are happy with the chosen spot, where it is easier for you to work with the sump pump. Given that you will be required to drill a hole to set it up, the chosen spot should cater to such needs. Drilling should be at least 8 inches from the foundation and by doing so, you will avoid any footings.

Moreover, you have to be careful in avoiding the waterline. In case the water enters, it can damage your house walls. So, by being a bit careful, you can avoid such glitches from taking place.

Removing Concrete Floor

In order to get proper installation, you will have cut through the concrete, ensuring that it is removed wisely and the concrete does not shred. You can use a jackhammer or a regular hammer to drill through the concrete base and if there is a steel mesh in there, use mesh cutters or metal grinder to get rid of it. Without removing it, you would not be able to install the mesh. You need to drill up to 2mm hole in the discharge pipe so that it can get attached to the pump flange. Through this, you will prevent air lock and ensure that the pump motor operates long and strong.

Placing the Pump

While placing the pump, try to place them on a solid base, preferably on cement bricks so that you can minimize the pump from drawing into the sand. During the installation process, make sure that the components of sump pump do not come in contact with the sides of the basic. You have to take special care with the float switch, because slight damage to the switch can lead to a replacement.

Connecting Pump to the Drain

The next step is to connect the sump drainage system along with the pump discharge. You can make use PVC pipe, check the valve so that the back water flow will be limited and the valve will support one way water supply only.

Connecting Pump to the Drain

Final Connection

Lastly, you need to tape the pump cord along with the discharge pope. Power connection is the last step and before doing so, you must make sure everything is well set and installed properly. Running through the entire process mentally will be very useful as you can check the procedure ensuring that you haven’t missed out on anything.

One vital aspect of sump pump is that you must never run it without water, so make sure you run it with water, connect it and do a trial before being certain that it is ready to use.


Above mentioned is a very easy and simple way to install a sump pump. The entire process is not all cumbersome, but in order to have a successful endeavor; you have to keep few basics in mind. Some points should be considered and well understood before getting into the actual installation process and the above-mentioned points is a complete overview.

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