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Buy The Perfect Sump Pump

How to Purchase the Best Sump Pump

We are often faced with the problem on how to choose the perfect utilities for our homes. This comes true with picking the right sump pump that fits your basement’s individual needs perfectly. If you don’t have a single clue on which sump pump to buy, then the first thing to do is find out the varying types and models of the sump pumps available in the market, and compare each other based on the  main components of your basement.

To allow you to make the better choice, these are the three major types of sump pumps in our market, and their features and specifications.

 The Main Sump Pump

These are the heavy duty sump pumps that one can find and locate in most home basements, and occasionally they are installed in light residential buildings. They are made to keep the basements dry and remove any accumulating flood water or clear effluent to inhibit any water-induced damage during the wet season. Main sump pumps are subdivided into two:

1.Pedestal Pumps are the sump pumps with only the impellers that are submerged in the water. The motor is placed well above the sump pit where it should be kept dry.

2. Fully Submersible Pumps are those that are watertight and operates well within the sump pit. They are hard-wearing and very sturdy, and often made of cast iron that can withstand heavy usage.

Sump Pump Installed in Toronto Home

Combination Sump Pump

                New sump pump models are now equipped with a built in secondary pump just in case the main motor dies or does not kick start when the water or flood levels rise unfavorably in your pit or basement. It generally costs a bit more than the traditional single main pump, but the value is better than having to buy a completely different free-standing pump unit to stand as your reserve pump.

                Getting a combination type of pump can get you ready for the worst in times of extreme rainfall and flooding. Aside from that, whenever there is a blackout, you can benefit from the reserve pump’s battery to run smoothly when the main pump’s power supply is out.

Back-up Battery-Powered Pump

If you reside in a dangerously flooding area, or those where huge rainstorms usually pass through, but don’t have much cash to get a combination sump pump, then the battery-powered reserve pumps can be your best choice.

In case your power source is cut off, the battery pack will automatically start the pump once water levels rise. You can rest assured that your basement will still be dry even when power outages occur, with the help of a reserve pump.

Choosing and buying the best sump pump that is suitable for your basement’s requirements can save you from paying for repairs, replacement, and damages that can arise when you are left unprepared for emergency situations, or if your pump cannot keep up with the work in your basement. Stop buying impulsively and be sure to make the best choice. Install the best sump pump for your home.

Watch great video guides on buying the perfect sump pumps here and here.

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