How To Build A Wood Salmon Ladder?

Salmon ladder is an obstacle set in which you use your upper limbs to climb up. All the body weight is in your arms and upper body. You need to climb up the rungs with an iron rod. You jerk the rod up and up to the next by next columns on the wooden beams. You need to use your upper body for the task. If you touch the sides of the ladder with your feet, you can disqualify. It is an amazing but difficult art to climb to the top. If you want to build the ladder by your own, you need to have the salmon ladder blueprints as there are some complications in the project.

The salmon ladders are very versatile and you can see them all across the America. It is a part of the obstacles used in the American Ninja Warriors. In the beginning, only two contestants climbed it to the end. Japan is its birth place. You can see its different models from single sided ladder to the two panel ladder. In Sasuke 20-30, a new version called swap salmon ladder got in fame.

Benefits of Salmon Ladder

We know that the athletes or the weight-lifters use the salmon ladder for building their body mass. And if you want, you can build it in a simple style for home application. You can test yourself in the race of fitness. Here are some values you can earn from the salmon ladder.

  • The salmon ladder enhances the upper body mass growth and strength. It also makes hand grip better.
  • You learn to stay calm and steady with your work by daily exercising. Your brain needs to work in a pattern to get to the top.
  • It will promote your stamina with a huge jump. It is an excellent cardio for you.
  • It is a game plus exercise. You can enjoy it with your friends as a competition.
  • You fear to take more will vanish and you will gain more courage.
  • It will ultimately keep you healthy and disease free as your immune system and digestive tract grows stronger.

How to Build a Wooden Salmon Ladder

It is a challenging work to build a wooden salmon ladder if you don’t have any brief knowledge about it. You need some basic tools like a saw, a ruler, a hammer, some nails and wooden pieces. It isn’t much costlier to build it at your home. You need to arrange several wooden parts to each other firmly and correctly. The weight of the contestant increases with the effect of gravity on it. Make the ladder stronger to bear five times the weight of the player. You can build it with multiple methods. Here are some simple steps for it.

Step 1: At the first, you need to arrange a blueprint for your ladder. You need to know the length and width of each part it requires. All the measurements are on the blueprints.

Step 2: Now, decide the height of the ladder that is 12 feet or as you need. You need two wooden square beams and ground them parallel to each other firmly at 3.5ft apart. You can use four beams too if want to have more height.

Step 3: The rung spacing is 1 foot. Make marks at each foot on the wooden beam. Make holes for the fitting of the rungs in the beams. You need to create the space enough for the rungs.

Step 4: Insert the rungs in to the beams at the angle of 35 degrees. The length of the rungs is 4 inches.

Step 5: You can also use a pulley system to get the bar. If you slip from the bar, it will not get on you. It will remain suspended in the air and you will not get hurt by any chance.

Step 6: You need to have a cushioning material under the salmon ladder for a safe, exotic landing.

You will see your salmon ladder emerging on the ground to practice on

Other Way to Build a Wood Salmon Ladder

There is another simpler way to create a salmon ladder. You can use anything near to you.

- You can use the trees near to you at a proper distance in them. You can use them as the poles/beams. You can plant the trees at 3.5ft difference which grows faster and up to the sky. They will offer more strength than the beams. You should check the fitness of the trees before you use them to avoid any accident.

  • You can use long iron nails for the rungs. Use nails which are enough long to penetrate the stem from both sides and they are 4 inches out for you to fix the bar on them.
  • Now you can enjoy workouts on your home-made salmon ladder.

It is an easy way to make the ladder but it can help in practicing only. It is not built according to the association rules. You can build your stamina or start it as a beginner. It will help you to get professional in this activity.

The Bottom

It is a very easy job to build a salmon ladder by your own if you have some carpenter skills or a basic knowledge. Just remain tight to your goal and follow the guide carefully.


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